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Having been a athlete from the age of 17-39 i competed at National and International level sports ie. Powerlifting and Judo. I hold a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Judo which i competed in for 11 yrs till a Shoulder injury stopped my journey, i aimed to strengthen it in the gym with weights and by accident i continued sports taking up Power lifting at 28 yrs i was lucky enough to compete for Great Britain (drug free) and won the British Championships (3) European Championships (2) and placed 2nd twice in the World Drug Free Power lifting Championships twice in America. At the age of 39 i retired from competitive sports. Now i can see the importance of keeping active and fit later in life obviously with different aims and goals.

Talking to friends and clients i can see that for many over 50`s simply visiting a gym is difficult and people can feel embarrassed and often struggle with the idea of a younger instructor for advice, this is where i can help as i mature trainer. I focus on a very specific sector of the population over 50`s because i understand the importance of healthy living at this age and can make the experience inspiring and enjoyable and productive.

I have my own small bespoke studio with gym equipment within my Therapy Clinic hence you can train in the comfort of a private one to one environment.

Whether your aim is to lose weight or tone your muscles i can help. I have a range of clients from those with arthritic knees who want to strengthen and increase flexibility in the legs and clients who just want a little help with a gentle safe program to perform at home.

Why should you care about exercise? here are some things to consider:-

STRENGTH According to research muscle mass declines about 4% each decade from 25-70 this obviously results in becoming weaker and less capable of performing normal daily tasks, also for women there is lots of evidence based research that women who have done weight bearing exercise can be less likely to develop osteoporosis later in life!

ENDURANCE As we age we also lose aerobic fitness this can have a negative impact on our hearts, lungs, and weight!

FLEXIBILITY Joints do change with ageing and can lead to stiffness and decreased range of motion and injuries!

BALANCE Unfortunately as we get on in life we can lose our balance skills and hospital see thousands of older people with broken bones after falling.


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